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Art Curation & Advisory
We work for the conception, design and communication of exhibitions and artistic and cultural events in private and public spaces. We follow the project from the exhibition idea to the location scouting, production, logistics, communication, promotion and photographic documentation phases. We structure proposals to purchase works of art for collectors and private individuals that correspond to personal taste and needs.
Art Curation & Advisory
  • Concept development, Project Management and Exhibition Design
  • Communication, social media management and press office
  • Photographic documentation for events 
  • Art Advisory
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Editorial Projects
We deal with the creation of editorial projects in paper and multimedia formats, following the different phases of graphic design (mock-up, graphic layout of contents, editing) up to the final printing; promotion and presentation through book launches and distribution in specialised book shops and bookstores at the local and national level.
Editorial Projects
  • Design and production of catalogues, fanzines, artists' books, magazines
  • Distribution in bookshops and publishing fairs
  • Promotion of products on multimedia supports (records, tapes, e-books) 
  • Publishing workshops
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Visual & Brand Identity
We deal with the creation of the visual image of cultural projects, businesses and companies, through the design of websites, visual and textual content for social media, posters, business cards, flyers to communicate effectively both online and offline. We are interested in creating portfolios and websites for artists, photographers, creative people to promote their work, accompanying the development of the artistic project.
Visual & Brand Identity
  • Corporate identity
  • Restyling e rebranding
  • Content Creation e Copywriting
  • Web Design 
  • Online  portfolio
  • Printed Matter
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We develop and carry out educational events that focus on the communication of cultural projects and art publishing, aimed at students and professionals in the sector and those who want to broaden their experience with more specific knowledge.
  • Workshops on journalism and art criticism 
  • Short courses on design and production of publishing projects 
  • Workshops on printing and bookbinding techniques
  • Events and talks with industry professionals
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Our philosophy

Salgemma offers consultancy and services in the field of contemporary art and culture, making available the professional skills of its team, trusted collaborators and network of national and local relationships with professionals cultivated through the experience of working in the sector.

Salgemma supports and develops ideas and projectivities, following each project phase from start to finish, sharing a simple and positive system of exchange, sharing, and also co-designing, based on listening to the needs and visions of existing and future projects.

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