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.Services & Consultancy

Salgemma offers consulting and communication, cultural project, educational and publishing solutions in the contemporary art and culture sector for artists, curators, projects, museums and cultural institutions.

We develop the best solutions for communicating your ideas and projects by following needs and visions of existing projects and upcoming ones.

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Communication for Art
  • Social Media Management, Content Creation, Web Content
  • Web Design/Digital Portfolio
  • Brand identity, restyling and rebranding
  • Press office
Are you thinking of opening an art space? Are you a cultural institution, a private individual or an artist and want to communicate your project, exhibitions and events in the best possible way? We write and create a visual identity with a distinctive personality and design a communicative strategy to best narrate your vision.
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Editorial Projects for Art
  • Editorial design: graphics and printing of artists' books, catalogs, magazines and ephemera
  • Presentations and distribution in bookshops, publishing spaces and fairs
Do you want to print an art book or catalogue and don't know where to start? Tell us your idea, our team will accompany you every step of the way to turn your project into reality. From graphic design and content organisation to printing and distribution to reach a new audience.
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Event Organisation
  • Exhibition and event production
  • Location scouting
  • Installation design
  • Network of artists and curators
Do you want to organise an exhibition? Looking for a space or want to get in touch with artists and curators to create collaborations? We design installations for exhibitions and events and connect realities and art professionals.
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Education for Art
  • Workshop on communication and art publishing
  • Workshop on cultural design and curatorship
  • Customised course
We organise short courses and workshops to explore and deepen the world of communication, art publishing and cultural design by using the skills of our team and professionals.
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