Midway between stream of consciousness and narrative project, this diary of small epiphanies questions drawing as a post-media expressive medium: an automatic, gestural process, but at the same time the revelation of an intention and observation of thought, as Gianluca Marinelli, the artist creator of this extraordinary work, states.

The publication 'Hypericum' is the result of a careful selection from around one thousand drawings produced during the lockdown period of 2021. This 48-page graphic design was carefully edited by Silvia Mariggiò to ensure that Gianluca Marinelli's artistic expression was represented in an authentic and engaging manner.

What we did

  • Printed Project Development: We guided the development process from concept to final print, ensuring that the printed project reflected Gianluca Marinelli's artistic vision and was made from high quality materials.
  • Communication and promotion: We created a tailor-made communication strategy to launch the fanzine with the creation of both online and offline promotional materials, social media promotion and the creation of a presentation event at Voga, Bari.

Our client for this project was the artist Gianluca Marinelli.

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