Started in spring 2023, the project aims to define new community agreements for the Campotto station in the Po Delta Park. It involves the Argenta community in a participatory process to enhance the natural heritage of Campotto. Activities include landscape exploration, discussions on area management, and the co-design of community agreements for a new plan for Campotto station.

What we did

  • Social Media Management: We carefully managed the project's online presence with a targeted social media management strategy
  • Content Creation and copywriting: We created and curated engaging content to promote the event on the main social media channels to make it accessible and engaging
  • Press Office: We prepared press releases according to the project activities in dialogue with the project partners, artists and cultural producers involved with releases in local and national newspapers for wide dissemination.
  • Web editor: We took care of the management and maintenance of the website content to ensure effective communication and a high-quality online presence.

Our client was Basso Profilo active in Ferrara and province, which works as a bridge between different disciplines, combining emotional power with pragmatic potential to regenerate spaces and communities, experimenting with contaminations of expressive languages, co-creating social design devices and new hybrid pedagogies.

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