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Gesture Objects | Tanja Hamester

Gesture Objects. On finding and leaving traces is the title of Tanja Hamester's solo exhibition, which opened last February 4 in the spaces of VOGA in Bari. Tanja Hamester - we read in the exhibition press release - "proposes a bottom-up strategy on which she...

Education and production on the contemporary image

How did Linea’s project and presentation of spaces and curatorial board come about? linea, a new space for production and research on contemporary practices, was born in Lecce in December 2020, on the initiative of Alice Caracciolo. Through a public programme of exhibitions, live performances...

Coordinated and common movement

Salgemma in conversation with VOGA a new project space based in Bari, a project conceived and curated by Bianca Buccioli, Nicola Guastamacchia and Flavia Tritto.  Heading towards Bari, we take state road 16 and head for exit 11 Bari-Picone, crossing the big Ponte Adriatico bridge and among...

About 7 km away where all cultures meet

Cijaru was born in front of a glass of wine in the historic Da Carlo bar in Porto Badisco, about 7 km on the south coast of Otranto and just a few meters from the place where all the cultures of the Mediterranean met as...

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