Issue 01

Salgemma Magazine

Contemporary Art & Culture in Apulia

issue01 - cover
Price: 30€*
Format: 23x30
Pages: 160
Language: IT/EN
Year: 2023
ISBN 979-12-210-2731-0

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Salgemma Magazine, a guide and photographic journey to discover an unseen Apulia, far from the postcard tourist imagery, is born.
Issue 01 entitled Contemporary Art and Culture in Apulia is dedicated to exploring the contemporary artistic and cultural geography among the cities and provinces of the Apulian territory through the photographs of photographer Sara Scanderebech.

The pages describe the journey by steps in the summer and winter of 2022 exploring an art scene in its most independent and private form: project spaces, informal groups, associations, collectives and private galleries, to which are added interviews, insights and art-historical contributions in (bilingual) texts and full-page photographic images.
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