The first floor of the Gagliano-Leuca railway station is Ramdom's base of operations and headquarters through the Lastation project. One of the most lively and long-lived associations in the area, born from an idea by Luca Coclite and Paolo Mele.

In the search for a contemporary artistic and cultural geography located in Apulia, Lastation is the most "extreme" geographical coordinate, precursor of a project that starts from the re-writing of the place, precisely the "extreme and marginal land", but encouraging practices of encounter and mobility towards the South, the deepening in the dialogue, study and connection of places (far and near) and in the different expressions of art, offering over the years different formats and thematic focuses.

This place of possibilities in the south-east at the extreme tip of the Capo di Leuca, capable of drawing a fluid and permeable geography, from the extreme south towards the international scene, opens its archive to the rock salt community: a window on exhibitions, residencies, projects developed during Ramdom's almost 10 years of activity, and specifically, the years of production within the spaces of the Stazione di Gagliano del Capo. 

These are crucial days for the future of Lastation, since the eviction of the premises by the Regional State Property Office for public utility needs of Ferrovie Sud Est has been issued (by 9 November). In this historic moment of health and economic crisis, where the culture lives once again the absence of protection of the entire sector, it is important to support each other, so rock salt invites you to support Lastation by signing here the ongoing petition.

Ramdom - Indagine sulle Estreme, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Alessandro Carboni, Senza-titolo, Fotografia Stampa digitale su carta baritata, 70x100, 2014 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Antonio De Luca Sonarie, Lastation - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Jacopo Rinaldi, Intervallo, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Jacopo Rinaldi, Intervallo, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Imaginary Holiday, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Defaut LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - L'altra forma di me laboratorio, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - L'altra forma di me laboratorio, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom

Ramdom - Le stanze di Ramdom, LaStation, 2020 - courtesy Ramdom


Ramdom is an association of cultural and artistic production based in Gagliano del Capo, in the province of Lecce. Founded in 2011 by Paolo Mele and Luca Coclite, it promotes international contemporary art projects in dialogue with the Salento territory, such as Indagine sulle Terre Estreme and DEFAULT, through exhibitions, public art installations, residencies, workshops and meetings. In 2016 it launched the Residencies Until the End of the Sea programme dedicated to artists and curators under 35. Lastation, its base of operations and exhibition space, is located on the second floor of the Gagliano - Leuca train station, the last active one in south-east Italy. Inside there is a media library, an exhibition space and a room dedicated to residency projects.


Paolo Mele, Founder and Director

Annapaola Presta, Project Manager and Administration

Claudio Zecchi, Curator and network development

Simona Casarano, Education
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