Salgemma is a communication and publishing project on contemporary arts in Puglia - Italy, founded in 2020 by Roberta Mansueto and Rosita Ronzini.

The project conducts constant editorial and communication work on events, exhibitions and community initiatives in the region through the salgemmaproject.com platform, which includes an online magazine of interviews and insights, weekly newsletters and an up-to-date map of projects active in the region.

Salgemma aims to enhance the artistic and cultural landscape of the Apulian territory beyond the regional borders, with an activity of communication and promotion of a new generation of artists and contemporary cultural production, and by creating opportunities to bring a wider audience closer to contemporary arts.

Along with its promotional activities, Salgemma develops communication, publishing and educational services to public and private institutions, independent spaces, associations, artists and professionals in the art and culture world.



Roberta Mansueto
Art director and project manager of editorial projects
Graduated in Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, former co-curator of Tile project Space Milano (2014-2019), she started the independent publishing project takecare (2017) and is the curator of several exhibition projects such as SHOT, inside the restaurant Vettor in Bari and bocchesorelle project that explores ecology-writing-gender.
Rosita Ronzini
Editor and digital communication project manager
She graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Disciplines for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage and created the project Apuliart Contemporary (2018). She is currently attending the master course in Art History at the University of Turin and CAMPO 21, a course for curators at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin. She is part of the curatorial collective Proteo, which operates through dislocated platforms of artistic and cultural production.
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